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Lust Languages + Naughty & Nice(BOGO 1/2 OFF!)

Lust Languages: Oddly enough, this game is about NOT having sex(but what you do is your business). By playing, you're going to learn more about your body and your partner as well as how to truly connect the two. But the key is to resist long enough to find out and whoever doesn't, loses...sorta.

Naughty & Nice: Conversation question cards that will either make you laugh or make you sweat. Kinda depends on how open of a mind you have, but if you're not offended by the name Naughty & Nice, chances are this deck is going to be the second best thing you pull out of your mailbox next to your income tax check.

  • 96 Question Cards
  • 42 Cards containing physical prompts
  • Really cool boxes
  • Similar to the original MSM Card Games
  • Appropriate for ages 13+
'Naughty & Nice' + LUST Languages Card Game Bundle' (FINAL RESTOCK!)
$40.00 $29.99

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Dating Debates + Sexier Side (Save 30%)!

You asked for the classic Deluxe Set to come back, and we heard you loud and clear! Except we decided to do even better and take the original playing cards that started it all to a new level with the Dating Debates Bundle! The same cards you all love PLUS 20 ALL NEW CARDS included along with the Sexier Side Expansion pack(originally called the Grown & Sexy Expansion Pack) is sure to give you the mental stimulation you deserve! Intellectuals who have no reservations about diving into the minds of others to see what's in EVERY corner, this is for you!!! (Automatically saves you 10%)
  • 126 Question Cards
  • Dating Debates Card Game
  • Sexier Side Expansion Pack
  • 24 Answer cards
  • Recommended for ages 13+
Dating Debates/Sexier Side (LIMITED QUANTITIES LEFT!)
$40.00 $29.99