"I first came up with the Mentally Stimulate Me card game concept after seeing the feedback to my #JaxnPoll posts on my Facebook fan page. #JaxnPoll was something I started in 2011 on Twitter to get an idea of how people felt on ethical dilemmas dealing with relationships, and eventually carried over onto Facebook where the comment section was more fitting for opinions to be expressed in full. The posts' success in terms of engagement wasn't the deciding factor, but rather, how much disparity there would be between the commenters although on the surface, one would not see how such similar people could see situations so differently. 



While it would be years until I finally came up with the exact way I would bring it to life, around 2014 I knew that somehow, I wanted to create something that could bring these conversations to people's friend and dating circles because the same way I was getting to know my audience through these polls, people would be able to get to know each other the same way.

At the end of 2016, I decided to create a game that people could play, using similar scenarios to the ones I posted in my #JaxnPoll questions. My first idea was an app, but after some thought, I figured we spend enough time on our phones as it is. The only way to bring this concept to life and to do it justice, would to at least first introduce it as a card game; something people could get for an affordable price, play anywhere, and would remove technology from the engagement for those who valued what conversation was before it came into play. At this point, "Mentally Stimulate Me" was conceived, the name characterized by the desire my followers had communicated was the number one priority when meeting a potential partner. 

 As an author dealing with relationships, writing out the questions was the easy part, but deciding which questions to include in the box was difficult. I filtered down to questions that went into several directions from heart tugging romance to gut wrenching laughter; everything I'd hope to feel with someone I could potentially be in a relationship with. Politics, money management, and other areas were explored as well to prevent any chance of having a one-dimensional dialogue and walah, the end result was the explosively popular, 'Mentally Stimulate Me' card game."

-Derrick Jaxn

Author and Founder of Mentally Stimulate Me card game